RunPayroll FAQ

Payroll FAQ

If you need help or have additional questions, you can reach our office at 920-202-5080 or email

Section 1. Payroll Overview Questions.

1.1. What's unique about Community Tax & Accounting's payroll service?

It's simple, online and affordable. Our payroll offering is completely online, saving time for both the employer and employees. You can process payroll with a few simple steps in just minutes at a fraction of the cost of traditional payroll providers.

1.2. What advantages does your payroll service offer my employees?

With our payroll service, employees are in control of viewing their compensation and benefits. For example, they don't have to be in the office on payday. With direct deposit and our secure website, they can go online anywhere to print their pay stubs and review their complete payroll history.

1.3. Do I have to give up control of my payroll?

Absolutely not. In fact, you retain "hands-on" control of the major aspects running payroll, just without the hassles of executing every little detail. With Community Tax & Accounting's payroll service, you no longer have to spend time phoning or faxing in your payroll—you’re in control to run payroll when and where you want.

1.4. How does it work?

It's quite simple. Enter your payroll information once at our secure website. Your payroll taxes and other deductions are calculated, and deposits are automatically made for you. After setting up your account, completing each payroll takes no more than a few clicks. Employees are paid by direct deposit (or you can print checks yourself).

1.5. Some of my employees have direct deposit, but others prefer a paycheck every pay period. Can you handle both groups?

Certainly. You have the option of offering your employees a "paperless" pay stub via email and our secure website. Or if they prefer, you can print out a physical check and stub. RunPayroll offers flexibility to both you and your employees.

1.6. Do you handle my payroll taxes?

RunPayroll automatically calculates, deducts, pays and files all federal, state and local payroll taxes. Once you enter your payroll data, we'll handle the tax calculations, deductions and filings. We then deposit them into the appropriate government accounts. It's that simple.

1.7. Is Community Tax & Accounting's payroll service complicated?

It’s simple to set up and practically effortless to operate. All it takes is a few clicks and your payroll is done. Now you can process your payroll in just a few, simple steps and get back to growing your business!

1.8. Do I need extra software or equipment?

No. All you need is an Internet connection and you're in business. You can even process payroll from your mobile device. You never have to install, upgrade or maintain any software or hardware.

1.9. Is RunPayroll’s tax filing system accurate?

Yes. We take your tax responsibility seriously.  If you ever receive a notice from the IRS or any other tax agency just give us a call and send them to us.  We will work with the agency on your behalf. 

1.10. How much does the RunPayroll payroll service cost?

We offer a simple fee structure based on the number of employees with no hidden charges and no costly add-ons.  For 1-3 employees fees typically start as low as $77 plus $2.00 per employee per month.  You may run additional payroll cycles during the month at no additional cost. 

1.11. How can you offer this service at such low rates?

Thanks to our completely online payroll service, we have cut out the traditional costs associated with processing payroll: checks, pay stubs and reports are now delivered electronically instead of physically. We pass these savings on to you.

1.12. What about reliability and security?

Reliability and security are top priorities. Industry-leading security protects your data, keeping it secure and available if you need it.

1.13. How do I sign up for RunPayroll?

It’s simple. Visit us at or call us at 920.202.5080. We'll have you up and running soon.

1.14. What if I need help or have questions that aren’t covered on your website?

If you need help or have additional questions you can reach our office at 920-202-5080 or email

Section 2:  Payroll Processing Questions

2.1. When are funds for quarterly taxes deducted?

All funds for a current payroll, including tax liabilities, are typically deducted 2 days prior to the check date.

2.2. Can we have more than one contact person?

Yes. Our payroll service allows your organization to have multiple contacts. Typically a company will identify a Payroll Administrator (responsible for entering payroll data) and a Payroll Approver (responsible for final payroll approval), but one person can perform both functions. These individuals can be identified during the enrollment process.

2.3. Can the payroll schedule be adjusted?

Yes. You can move the pay date for a particular payroll or change your entire payroll schedule.

2.4. What documentation is needed for you to process my payroll?

Before we can begin processing payroll, please send the following documents: 1) Payroll Services EFT Agreement; 2) State Power of Attorney (some may need to be notarized); 3) Tax Information Authorization; 4) Proof of Prior Balances (or most recent QTD/YTD reports).

We request that you provide the following information shortly after being set-up as a customer: 1) Copies of quarterly and annual returns; 2) Tax deposit coupons; 3) copies of state registrations; 4) SUI Rate Change Notice. These documents will help facilitate future tax filings and payments. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Care at 920-202-5080 or email

You’ll also need an Employer Identification Number (EIN), which you can apply for on the IRS website or by submitting Form SS-4 to the Internal Revenue Service.

2.5. Will Community Tax & Accounting process payroll tax filings for a previous quarter or year?

Because we file and pay taxes on a current basis, we will only process payroll tax filings for the periods in which our services were used.  If there are outstanding payroll issues you may need help with please contact us at 920-202-5080 or email

2.6. Can I submit employee pay adjustments that are separate from their salary?

Yes. Within our Payroll Entry screen you may make adjustments to pay whether they are additional pay adjustments or one-time deductions.

2.7. Can I track employees' hours/salaries to different departments?

Yes. We can handle a range of job classifications levels that allows you to report payroll information for different departments, divisions and/or locations. This enables you to get a handle on labor expense allocations.

2.8. What reports are available?

You’ll find several available reports to help you make the right decisions:

  • Payroll Preview Report: allows the Administrator and/or Approver to view the entire payroll before it is processed.
  • Employee Level Paycheck Preview Report: provides complete earnings, taxes and deductions information by employee before the payroll is processed.
  • Payroll Summary Report: details complete earnings, taxes and deductions for each past payroll.
  • Benefits Report: outlines the amount of paid time off (e.g., vacation/sick/personal) each employee has earned/used for Period-to-Date AND Year-to-Date.
  • Department Summary Report: provides an at-a-glance review of employee costs by department, division and/or location.
  • Department Detailed Report: provides itemized department costs broken down by employee.

2.9. Can my completed payroll data be directly exported into my accounting software?

Our Accounting Integration works with many leading software providers.

2.10. Will RunPayroll help me track and accrue vacation, sick and/or personal days?

Yes. Within the Employee Information screen, you can adjust the rate at which each employee earns paid time off such as vacation, sick and personal days. You also have the ability to set a maximum number of accrued days per employee.

2.11. Can an employee receive multiple pay stubs or paychecks within the same pay cycle?

Yes. This feature is available in the Payroll Entry screen.

2.12. Can we process a separate pay run in addition to the scheduled pay cycle?

Yes. This feature is available in the Payroll Entry screen.

2.13. Can paychecks be reprinted if necessary? Will that affect the check number sequence?

Yes. If your printer jams when printing a paycheck, or if the paycheck becomes smudged or illegible during printing, you may reprint the check. Our system prompts you to re-enter the check number if there is a printing error. Therefore, your check number sequence will not be affected. We also support printing to blank check stock.

Please remember to void and/or destroy the original.

2.14 Can I order blank or pre-printed check stock to print paychecks?

Blank and pre-printed laser check stock supplies are available online from your vendor of choice..

2.15 Can I run payroll for employees outside of the United States?

Currently, Community Tax & Accounting only processes payroll for employees in the U.S. We do not adhere to foreign tax tables that would enable us to process payroll in other countries.